Exhibition at The Art Gallery of Knoxville

In 2008, The artist group, Superflex, invited us to do a new set of furniture for “COPYSHOP” – a project that was hosted by The Art Gallery of Knoxville, Tennessee.

We launched The Original C Plus System which is an open and modular shelving and seating system, at the COPYSHOP from September 12th - October 31st 2008The ramification in the system symbolizes a modern world of collaboration and open culture going through the path from original to copy. The thought behind the design is to demonstrate the development of ideas and the variation of people involved in the process from original idea to the carrying out of the actual design.
Download the public manual of how to create The Original C Plus System.
The Original C Plus System exhibition was supported by Jørgen Christensen Snedkeri and Kvadrat

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