We spent the winter 2010 at The Grand Bahama Island researching for our latest project, Mall of the Caribbean.

The mall is designed with the intention to involve the local community from the area. The architecture is developed from analysis and observations of the island and its culture. There is app. 100.000 sq. ft. of shopping area, 47.000 sq. ft. of supermarket and 22.000 sq. ft. of food court.

Mall of the Caribbean consists of six joint buildings, each with a color that symbolizes the inspiring use of colors throughout the island.  The six buildings are a symbol of the Caribbean Islands and the corridors between them symbolizes the bridges of culture that lies between the islands. The courtyard is the treasure of the Caribbean that is social, light and positive living.

Overview of the buildings

The six buildings on the site enclose a park. Each building opens up towards the exterior in each end so the visitor is able to connect with the outside area with its people and nature. The buildings have open areas for exhibitions for schools, shops, paintings, Port Authority, boat shows, beauty shows, markets etc.

The outside temperature normally reaches up to high levels during summer in Bahamas. Spaces of shadow is therefore of great importance to the mall.

Light Study Movie

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